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Surprise someone with one of our popular gift boxes, designed to nourish your body, mind and soul whilst minimising your environmental impact. All products are handmade in Scotland by small businesses using the finest natural ingredients and plastic-free packaging. This gift box is perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or simply reminding someone of how much you care.

In this box you can find:

  • Candle by Kandelak – choose from one of our 9 luxurious scents. The jar contains 160ml and burns for approx. 40hr if well looked after. Check out our candle care tips.
  • Striker pot with matches by Biscocho – Daily rituals such as lighting a candle bring peace and calm. These striker pots are designed to bring beauty to everyday life in our homes. Each one is unique and has striker match paper on the bottom – try not to get this wet!
  • Palo santo – okay, this is the only non-local item in our boxes but it is 100% sustainable and ethically sourced in Peru. Palo Santo wood is used as a sacred incense due to the strong fresh trail it produces when it is smouldered. The palo santo pieces do go out by themselves and are therefore safe to use indoors. Once enough aroma is released simply allow to self extinguish or place on a shell/bowl.
  • Watercolour mini card by Kim Creates – never stop dreaming.

Our gift box is posted out in plastic free materials and finished with a ribbon and dried flowers to make the perfect gift!

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Earth Yang | Cinnamon + Rosemary, Earth Yin | Fir Needle + Ylang Ylang + Sage, Fire Yang | Spearmint + Juniper Berry + Ginger, Fire Yin | Mandarin + Nutmeg + Lavander, Metal Yang | Sweet Orange + Pine, Metal Yin | Eucaliptus + Spearmint + Niaouli, Water Yang | Clove + Rosemary + Orange, Wood Yang | Ylang Ylang + Grapefruit + Spearmint, Wood Yin | Rose Geranium + Neroli + Frankincense

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