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The Fire Element is all about energies peaking in the body, exactly like the sun peaks at mid-day. It is the element of heat, love and enthusiasm. However, Fire types can become too scattered sometimes, bringing feelings of anxiety, nervousness or experiencing “FOMO”.

This Fire package contains:

+Fire Yin combining sunny and refreshing mandarin with the spicy warmth of the nutmeg and topped with some relaxing middle lavender notes – to cultivate a warm yet calm yin state of mind.

+Fire Yang combining energy-inducing fresh spearmint with immune-boosting woody-sweet juniper and finished with fiery ginger middle tones – to help comfort emotional stress by inviting a sense of uplifting presence and warmth.

All our candles are self-care candles packed with therapeutic essential oils to help you find balance and harmony in your life.


* Natural plant-based soy wax
* Reusable amber glass jar
* 40 hours burn time
* Pure essential oils
* 0% nasties, 100% natural ingredients

For tips on how to get the most out of your Kandelak candles, visit our candle care page.

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